6th TFTEI Annual Meeting, October, 22-23, 2020, VIRTUAL MEETING

The sixth TFTEI annual meeting took place virtually, on October 22nd, 2020 afternoon and on October 23th, 2020 afternoon. A special Technical Session on emissions from agriculture residue burning and shipping emissions took place on October 21th, 2020 afternoon.

The meeting was organized in collaboration with Italy and France.

Final agenda

Presentations, TFTEI meeting, Thursday October 22nd, 2020

Alina NOVIKOVA (UN-ECE Secretariat)
Latest information from the UN-ECE LRTAP Convention

Stefan Åström (co-chair TFIAM)
TFIAM / TFTEI 2020-2021 Status of common work plan items

Alexander Romanov (Chair CG_EECCA)
Information from the Coordinating Group for EECCA Countries

David Simpson (EMEP MSC-W)
Condensable – latest outcomes from EMEP

Katja Kraus (German Presidency of EU Council)
Review of the Gothenburg Protocol

Fouad SAID (Fives European Combustion Center)
Low NOx Burners in stationary installations

Bertrand Bessagnet (TFTEI Technical Secretariat)
Technologies for PM and Black Carbon

Simon GLOESER-CHAHOUD (TFTEI Technical Secretariat)
CH4 emissions from Waste and Natural gas network

Grégoire BONGRAND (TFTEI Technical Secretariat)
Maritime traffic emissions (SO2, PM and BC, NOx)

Presentations, TFTEI meeting, Friday October 23rd, 2020

Andrzej Jagusiewicz, President of EFCA
UFP-Integrating action for cleaner air and climate protection-fraction-by-fraction approach with focus on ultrafine particles (UfP)

Christophe CORD’HOMME (CNIM, Paris)
Performances of BAT for dust, COT and POP removal in BREF incineration and deSOx & deNOx technologies experience in maritime industry

Arina Volosatova (BAT Bureau, Moscow, Russian Federation)
Status of implementation of BAT in Russian Federation

Pam Pearson (ICCI) on behalf the EU Action on Black Carbon in the Arctic
Guidance Document to Address Black Carbon Emissions from Domestic Heating in the Arctic

Tiziano PIGNATELLI (TFTEI Co-Chair) - Pam Pearson (ICCI)

Guidance document on Agriculture Residue Burning

Joana Leitão (Clean Air Task Force)
Methane emissions and mitigation estimations - the CoMAT tool

Presentations - Informal Technical session on Shipping Emissions and Agriculture Residue Burning - October 21st, 2020

Tiziano PIGNATELLI (TFTEI Co-Chair) - Jessica McCarty (Dept. of Geography, Miami University)
Open Burning Globally and in the UNECE Region

Grégoire BONGRAND (TFTEI Technical Secretariat)
Maritime traffic emissions (SO2, PM and BC, NOx)