Costs of reduction techniques for LCP

TFTEI has developed a methodology for estimating the costs of abatement options for SO2, NOx and TSP (total suspended particulates) for large combustion plants (LCP) with a thermal capacity of more than 50 MWth.

It aims to provide technical data and costs for the following reduction techniques applied to large combustion plants using coal, heavy fuel oil and natural gas, as well as biomass in co-combustion with coal.

Only boilers are considered (gas turbines could be examined in the next steps).

The abatement techniques considered are as follows:

  • NOx: primary measures, selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR),
  • TSP: electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and fabric filter (FF),
  • SO2: wet flue gas desulphurisation with limestone forced oxidation (LSFO – Limestone Forced Oxidation), semi dry (LSD - Lime Spray Dryer) and dry desulphurisation (DSI - Duct Sorbent Injection, using lime and sodium bicarbonate).

The costs are estimated for different regulatory objectives in term of emission limit values (ELVs), assuming a boiler or a group of boilers connected to a stack.

A working group has been set up to assist TFTEI technical secretariat in developing the methodology for estimating the costs of abatement techniques for LCP:

  • Jean-Guy Bartaire (EGTEI/TFTEI co-chair);
  • Richard Brandwood (E’on, United Kingdom);
  • Nicolas Caraman (EDF, France);
  • David Cooling (E’on, United Kingdom);
  • Ivan Jankov (European Commission);
  • Daniel Ladang (Total/CEFIC, Belgium);
  • Hélène Lavray (Eurelectric, Belgium);
  • Tiziano Pignatelli (EGTEI/TFTEI co-chair);
  • Koen Smekens, Arjan PLOMP (ECN, The Netherlands);
  • Jonathan Van Der Kamp, (EIFER, Germany).

Other experts contributed information to TFTEI technical secretariat: the French group from the Chemical industry Union on coal-fired boilers (chaired by Michel Monzain); Frans Van Aart (KEMA) in the Netherlands; manufacturers of pollution control equipment (Hamon, Solvair, GE Air Filtration, CNIM), and operators of combustion plants.

We apologise for not citing other experts who very kindly contributed to information.

An EXCEL tool was made available, ERICCa_LCP (Emission Reduction Investment and Cost Calculation), together with a manual for using the tool and a description of the methodology. The ERICCa LCP EXCEL tool is currently being updated.

Latest update of documents and costs of reduction technique for LCP:

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