5th annual TFTEI meeting, UN-ECE Convention on Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution (LRTAP) Ottawa (Canada)

Open Agricultural Burning: Where Air Quality, Crop Yields and Climate Combine; Ottawa (Canada)

The fifth TFTEI annual meeting took place in Ottawa, Canada from October 22nd to October 23th , 2019. It was followed by a special Technical Session on Open Burning on October 24th, 2019 in collaboration with the International Cryosphere Climate Initiative (ICCI).

The meeting was hosted by the Canadian Government and organized in collaboration with Italy and France.

Final agenda

Presentations TFTEI meeting, Tuesday October 22nd, 2019

Jennifer KERR (Chair of WGSR, Canada)
Introduction of the Air Convention and mandate of TFTEI

Jean-Guy BARTAIRE (TFTEI Co-chair, Citepa, France) and Tiziano PIGNATELLi (TFTEI Co-chair, ENEA, Italy)
Main works carried out by TFTEI in the past – EGTEI Expert Group

Stephanie SAUNIER (CARBON LIMITS, Oslo, Norway)
Guidance on BAT, in Black Carbon emissions from gas flaring

Petra HAGSTROM (Swedish EPA, Sweden)
TFTEI activities on Heavy Metals

Simon GLOESER-CHAHOUD - (TFTEI Technical Secretariat, KIT, Germany)
Technical work on CH4 emissions from Waste and Natural gas network

Nadine ALLEMAND , (TFTEI Technical Secretariat, Citepa, France)
Technical work on maritime traffic emissions (SO2, PM and BC, NOx)

Heather MORRISON (Chairs of TFHTAP, Canada)
Black Carbon – The HTAP perspective

Russel SHEARER (EU Action on Black Carbon in the Arctic / AMAP Secretariat, Canada)
The EU action on Black Carbon perspective

Craig DRURY (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canada)
Abatement methods to reduce ammonia volatilization losses from agricultural soils

Shaun RAGNAUTH (US-EPA Office of Atmospheric Programs, USA)
Global Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emission Projections & Mitigation

Presentations TFTEI meeting, Wednesday , October 23rd, 2019

Alina NOVIKOVA (UN-ECE Secretariat)
Latest information from the UN-ECE on the Air Pollution Convention and Review of the Gothenburg Protocol

Jean-Guy BARTAIRE (TFTEI Co-chair, Citepa, France) and Tiziano PIGNATELli (TFTEI Co-chair, ENEA, Italy)
The Berlin Workshop

Nadine ALLEMAND (TFTEI Technical Secretariat, Citepa, France)

Nadine ALLEMAND (TFTEI Technical Secretariat, Citepa, France)
Workshop on VOC with EECCA experts in Minsk

Simon GLOESER-CHAHOUD (TFTEI Technical Secretariat, KIT, Germany)
New technical document on BAT and costs for the Aluminium production

Nadine ALLEMAND (TFTEI Technical Secretariat, Citepa, France)
New technical document on BAT and costs for the cement production

Fadi ARAJI (Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canada)
Evaluation of Emissions from Light Duty Trucks with and without the Use of a Gasoline Particulate Filter

Wayne HILLIER (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, Canada)
Methane quantification and detection methodologies in the Canadian Upstream Oil and Gas sector

Dallas ROSEVEAR (BlackGold Rush Industries, Canada)
Reducing methane and black carbon through combustor technology solutions that reduce flare volumes

Jackson HEGLAND (Methane Emissions Leadership Alliance, MELA)
Methane reduction technologies

Pam PEARSON (ICCI, USA) and Jessica L. McCARTY (Miami University, USA)
Transport of Ag Burning Emissions into the European Arctic
Agricultural open burning
Earth Observations

Tiziano PIGNATELI (TFTEI Co-chair, ENEA, Italy)
Code of Good Practice on Wood Burning

Technical Session , Thursday , October 24th, 2019

Pam PEARSON, Director, ICCI
Opening: Why We’re Here: Definitional Differences as Barriers To Effectively Address Open Agricultural Burning

Dr. Jessica McCARTY, Miami University
Defining “Intentionally Burned Agricultural Sector Land”: Land Types and Fire Origins

Dr. Joanne HALL, University of Maryland
GFED Fire Monitoring

Dr. Jessica McCARTY, Miami University
Advances in Monitoring: VIIRS v MODIS; Sentinel and Commercial

Ag Burning Mitigation: More Than PM2.5 and Black Carbon: CO2, Nitrogen, Methane, Erosion and Water Pollution

Soil-based Alternatives to Open Burning: Conservation and ”Climate-smart” Agricultural Practices: Science Behind Practice

Nicola COLONNA, ENEA (virtual)
Alternative Use Solutions: Bio-energy

Tom GODDARD, Government of Alberta and Global Conservation Agriculture Network
Alternatives and Global Practice: Role of Policy

Terry KEATING (virtual) and Heather Morrison, Co-chairs, HTAP
Emissions in the HTAP Transboundary Context: Ozone Transport and Impacts

Mykhailo SAVENETS, Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute
Case Study: Transport of Wildfire BC Emissions to Ukraine

Zig KLIMONT, IIASA (virtual)
Modelling Emissions: IIASA Approach

Christine WIEDINMYER, University of Colorado (virtual)
Modelling Emissions: FINN Approach

Tom GODDARD, Government of Alberta
Recent Transition to No-burn: Case Study from Alberta, Canada:
Tensions Between the “Stick” of Regulation and “Carrot” of Yields

John MAINGI, Miami University
Fire Issues in a Global Context

Svante BODIN, ICCI (virtual)
BAT and BAP for Gothenburg Protocol/ Next Revision. No power point