In line with the tasks set out in the revised mandate for the Task Force on Techno-economic Issues (TFTEI) defined in Decision 2018/7 adopted at the thirty-eighth session of the Executive Body (EB) of the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (LRTAP). This report addresses the following outcomes:

  • 2 (a) Update and assess on a regular basis the information on emission abatement technologies for the reduction of atmospheric emissions of SO2, NOx, VOCs, PM, including black carbon, heavy metals and POPs from stationary and mobile sources including the costs of these technologies;

In 2020, cement and aluminium production were covered by TFTEI.

Cement production

Reduction techniques in cement production were covered by TFTEI several years ago, but it was necessary to update all the information previously provided. This document replaces all previous ones.

In this update, the most recent information on emission abatement techniques, their efficiencies and their costs are provided.

Background informal technical document on techniques to reduce pollutant emissions from cement production and determination of their costs - 2020

Aluminium production

This informal background document has been prepared by TFTEI technical secretariat and provides a compact overview of the state-of-the-art in air pollutant reduction techniques from aluminium production. After a brief general description of the aluminium production processes, the report provides a systematic overview of relevant air pollutants and the corresponding abatement techniques, mainly based on the European BREF on Non-Ferrous Metals Industries. This document was found to be up-to-date and in line with emission limit values in force in the EU. In addition to technical descriptions, this document presents, where available, the economic aspects of reducing emissions in terms of capital and operating expenditure.

Due to the versatility of secondary aluminium (recycling) processes, this document focuses mainly on primary production while providing a general description of recycling processes. However, the inclusion of secondary processing focusing on air pollutants could be part of future TFTEI activities.

Background informal technical document on techniques to reduce emissions from aluminium production - 2020