The amended Gothenburg Protocol not only introduces commitments for reduction of VOC emissions for Parties but also mandatory Emission Limit Values (ELVs) for different activities (for VOCs, annex VI and annex XI) and the establishment of solvent management plans for activities using solvents for activities using solvents covered by annex VI.

The work carried out consists in the development of a guidelines for estimation and measurement of emissions of volatile organic compounds to help to measure VOC emissions and develop solvent management plan or calculate emissions. It answers to the requirement of annex VI “methods of calculation will be reflected in the guidance documents adopted by the Executive body”. It aims to facilitate the ratification of the Gothenburg Protocol. It is aimed to facilitate the understanding of requirements of annex VI.


In 2016, the ad hoc drafting group established by the Task Force, per the request of the Working Group on Strategies and Review at its fifty-third session (Geneva, 15–17 December 2015; ECE/EB.AIR/WG.5/114, para. 9) has finalized the document and answered the remaining questions of Belarus. The revised guidelines would be available for the consideration and adoption by the Working Group on Strategies and Review at its fifty-fourth session ECE/EB.AIR/WG.5/2016/1 (ECE/EB.AIR/WG.5/2016/4).

The adoption of the guidelines by the Executive Body occured at its thirty-sixth session (Geneva, 15–16 December 2016).