On behalf the French administration and ADEME, it was suggested at the last EGTEI meeting on 10 October 2014, to update the work carried out by EGTEI in 2005 on VOC reduction technique costs for solvent users. This item was agreed at the last EGTEI meeting on 10 October.

Between 2003 and 2006, EGTEI worked on the issue of costs related to VOC mitigation techniques, for the purpose of the LRTAP Convention and in close cooperation with the STS BREF Technical Working Group. This work was very comprehensive, and many sectors were covered: synopsis sheets on techno-economic data were produced for about 15 industrial sectors and shared with the STS BREF TWG. Cooperation between the two groups was very fruitful and many EGTEI inputs are referenced throughout the whole BREF; its section 24.1.1 is dedicated to the EGTEI work.

STS BREF revision is in progress by IPTS. This is considered as a good opportunity to update cost data gathered by EGTEI ten years ago.

In a first step, it is proposed to prioritize the work on the larger plants consuming more than 200 t solvent/year (thresholds considered in annex I of IED directive) and to focus on activities considered by the BREF STS.

In a second step, it is proposed to consider the whole range of size of installations from the thresholds of annex VI of the Gothenburg Protocol (for memory, annex VI implements VOC ELVs for plants, from solvent consumption from 0.5 t/y; 2 or 5 t/y or even larger) and consider other activities covered by annex VI of the Gothenburg Protocol.


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